The conference will start on the afternoon of October 8 and end on October 12 at lunch time. It will take place at the Connecticut Convention Center

Keynote Speakers


UC San Diego

Sarah Teichmann
Wellcome Sanger
Nathan Price
Thorne HealthTech

Invited Speakers

Gary An
Uni. Vermont, USA

Gary Bader
Uni. Toronto, Canada

Emanuel Barillot
Institute Curie, France

Ayari Fuentes-Hernandez
UNAM, Mexico

Mike Guertin
UConn Health, USA

Peter Hunter
Uni. Aukland, New Zealand

Jae Kyoung Kim
KAIST, South Korea

Kathryn Miller-Jensen
Yale, USA

Irene Otero-Muras
I2SysBio, Spain

Herbert Sauro
Uni. Washington, USA

Vivek Shenoy
Uni. Pennsylvania, USA

Ross Sozzani
North Carolina State Uni., USA

Others to be announced soon...


Cancer systems biology Machine Learning Systems immunology Dynamics in space and time
Single cell analyses Systems Medicine Plant Systems Biology Physiology at multiple scales
Multi-scale biology Mechano-biology Computational tools Multi-omics and Network Biology
Systems Pharmacology Synthetic Biology Gene Regulatory Networks Microbiome & microbial systems ecology

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